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The internet is filled with cooking tips and techniques, usually for those that like to cook and want to learn more. We understand, not everyone is that type of cook. There are cooks that are forced to cook, but would rather be doing something else... anything else.

Number one cooking tip, have the right tools and references handy in your kitchen. Have some cookbooks you feel comfortable using. Be sure you have the right kitchen tools to complete the meal.

The goal is to arm you with knowledge in order to make being in the kitchen cooking, quick, easy and stress free.

Remember, you don’t have to cook like they do on TV, just learn to cook like yourself.

Here are a few suggestions to make things easier in the kitchen as well as additional information based on food, cooking and grocery shopping.

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However, we will only make suggestions from businesses which we strongly believe in their products and services, whether they are an affiliate or not.

Grocery Stores and Shopping

Spinelli's Market (Denver, CO) )

The Produce Station (Ann Arbor, MI)

Grocery List

Mission Wear Grocery Bags

Seafood Watch

No plan for dinner?

Solve the Dinnertime Dilemma with eMeals Meal Planning


The Flavor Bible:
The Flavor Bible:
Kitchen for Kids:
Kitchen for Kids:
Ready, Steady, Spaghetti:
Ready, Steady, Spaghetti:

For the Kitchen

5 Must Have Gadgets

Handmade Kitchen & Bath Sinks

Kitchen Design

Online Cooking Schools

Cooking school in the privacy of your home


Development In Gardening

Juicing for Health

Work from Home Recipe


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