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Not everyone likes to cook, but everyone needs to eat. A select few can order out every night or have someone cook for them.

If you aren't in the "select few" then we encourage you to learn some cooking tips, by staying in touch with The Cooking block.

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Cooking King Crab Legs at Home Easy Methods

Cooking king crab legs at home - easy.

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Which Type are You?

Do you ever dream of ending the 9-5 (or the 7-8 on some days)?

Do you have a passion that you would love to have more time for, perhaps even share that passion with others?

Then I suggest you take the work from home quiz.

I can hear you saying right now - "What does this have to do with cooking?" Everything, because it has to do with maximizing your time in order to be able to plan and prepare healthy meals.

"What! How can working at home help me cook?"

How many times have you come home late from work? Did you have a meal plan all ready or was the meat frozen and your enthusiasm to cook diminished?

Have you had a moment to go shopping - with a list?

Or do you run through the drive through simply because you, and the family have to eat - NOW!

Imagine how much time you can get back with out the commute. Imagine how easily you can plan meals with a bit of extra time.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment taking care of your family's health with good food and your finances by working from home.

Join The Work From Home Revolution!


Flexible hours

More family time

Freedom from the rat race

Independence Mobility

So really working from home has a lot to do with cooking and meal planning, and so much more.

If you haven't taken the work from home quiz, take a moment to see if working from home is for you.

Which Work From Home Type Are You?

Cooking Tips to Break Your Cooking Block

A few cooking tips will help you enjoy cooking.

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Simple No Knead Bread Recipe

Find out why this no knead bread recipe will make you a culinary superstar.

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Simple Orange Chicken Recipe

Orange chicken recipe - why buy take out when you can make it at home.

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Cooking Lobster Tails at Home

Cooking lobster tails at home will make a weekday dinner seem like a celebration.

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Recipe to work from home

If you've been learning how to cook you will soon find out that not all recipes work. No matter how much you pay attention, measure correctly - in the end - you still have to order take out.

Recipes in the kitchen can be similar to work from home recipes. Not all are created equal.

Here's a work from home recipe that I love. A recipe that has helped me encourage people to learn how to cook. The very recipe that keeps me posting tips, pictures, and my kitchen follies.

Click here to see more of the recipe that can help you change your life.

Take advantage of the Holiday Special and change the life of a friend or family member. Promotion ends at midnight, January 6th!

Work From Home With SBI!

Get Ready for Thanksgiving.

Need help planning Thanksgiving Dinner. eMeals is the perfect solution for party planning.

eMeals is also a great solution for everyday planning. Give them a try and see how easy menu planning can be.

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Bring on the Cold Weather

Oh boy does a change of season inspire me to get in the kitchen. Yep you heard that right. A simple season change can spark the culinary creative juices.

For me the shift from summer to fall nudges me to soups and stews. Okay and baking bread because now I can turn on the oven and not suffer the consequences of a hot house.

Click here for recipes to inspire you.

Easy Tomato Garlic Pasta Recipe

Looking for a quick tasty twist on a simple tomato garlic pasta recipe?

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Cook Books Every Non Cook Should Have

Even if you hate to cook, you will love these cook books, and then maybe you'll love cooking.

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Father's Day is Almost Here! What are you Planning?

It's right around the corner - actually it's even closer - what do you have planned for the Father's Day menu?

If you've answered nothing then let me rest your mind - the menu is planned with eMeals.

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Cooking Shrimp, Quick and Easy

Afraid to cook seafood? Try cooking shrimp, great for beginners

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Easy Cooking Recipes for Beginning Cooks

These easy cooking recipes will improve your cooking skills

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Crock Pot Beef Stew Recipe - Rich and Flavorful

You will love the deep flavors of this crock pot beef stew recipe.

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Contact Us

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Easy Southwestern Citrus Chicken

Southwestern Citrus Chicken Recipe

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Easy Italian Chicken Recipe

Delicious Easy Italian Chicken Recipe

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Quick Easy Chicken Recipes

Easy chicken recipes for people that can't cook.

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Grocery Games to Fight your Hunger Games

While I might not always love cooking I really love saving money. One of the easiest ways or at least the most consistent way for me to save money is at the grocery store.

I'm not always be in the market for buying a new TV, car or other big ticket item - but each week I'm at the grocery store.

Each week is an opportunity to save some money. The Grocery Game - allows us to cut grocery Bills by 67% or more!

This simple service saves us money every time we shop.

Saving a little each week adds up over the year. Putting that extra cash in the bank just might allow for more big ticket item purchases later in the year.

Keep on cooking - and saving.

Hop to it! Easter is around the corner.

Here is a great opportunity - have your meals planned for you and save money.

eMeals is designed to save you time and money with easy meal planning. Now for a short time you can get even more savings.

If you've always wanted to give eMeals a try here is the time.

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We use and love eMeals.

Happy Easter and happy planning.

Discontent with your cooking?

"Discontent is the first necessity of progress"

Albert Einstein

Celebrate your awareness of your lack of cooking skills - but don't allow them to keep you discontent. If you are discontent then you know things can be better - but you'll have to try and learn new skills.

This can apply to not only cooking but anything - take the plunge and don't settle. Learning a new skill doesn't mean you need to make it a profession. It just means give yourself credit and the ability to step out and find out, what you can do if you try.

Simple Steps for Great Pasta

Sometimes the best results come from basic steps.

Once you finish this short video for cooking pasta - you'll see what I mean.

If you got enough cooking info for now - then practice by cooking some pasta tonight.

Need more info

- check out the following video.

Breakfast Recipe Apple Oatmeal Muffins

This breakfast recipe apple oatmeal muffins are great, but the crumble topping makes them even better

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Breakfast Recipes Anyone Can Make

Quick easy breakfast recipes. Make them in advance and you'll be out the door.

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Simply Delicious - and easy!

Thank you for this easy recipe. I'm embarrassed to say we ate the full loaf. Did I mention it was in one sitting. So happy the recipe made more than

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You Can Cook

Sign up for cookery do and stay up to date with The Cooking Block

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French Cooking Terms

French cooking terms used in everyday cooking

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3 Reasons You Hate Cooking

1. Choosing the wrong recipes.

It all begins and ends with choosing the right recipe.

Flipping through food magazines and choosing what to make based on the picture can be a recipe for disaster.

Remember food in magazines and fashion models have something in common - experts behind the pictures.

Before you run out and get all the ingredients I want to stress read the recipe first. Completely. Slowly.

For instance feel like making doughnuts on the fly for dessert. Won't happen. How do I know - I tried it. Since I didn't read the full recipe, to the end, I didn't know that the dough had to rise twice, preferably overnight.

Read the recipe then assess your skill level or your time. You might have to choose something else.

2. Poor planning.

Choosing the recipe is part of the planning but so is

writing the grocery list

shopping for the ingredients

prepping the food

starting the cooking process in an organized manner

Consider a recipe that is poorly chosen then add in the fact you don't have all the ingredients (I'm Queen of that one) then throw in cooking in a random order. For example you start to heat the pan before anything is ready to go in the pan.

End result - smoking, burning oil, starting over by washing the pan (once it's cooled) - making dinner is now as stressful has heart surgery.

Bottom line, plan carefully the full process and cooking can be a lot easier.

3. Poor skills due to lack of practice.

I know that if I have a task that is usually frustrating I will avoid it. You too?

Set yourself up for success with the proper recipe for your cooking ability and carefully plan out the cooking process you will find cooking not as difficult as you originally thought.

Keep trying and practicing and you will see your cooking skills improve. When cooking becomes easier, you won't avoid the kitchen. You might find yourself enjoying cooking - maybe just a little.

Two of our favorite ways to save time and money in the kitchen

Italian cooking terms for the novice home cook

Common Italian cooking terms

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