Cooking Tips to
Break Your Cooking Block

before it breaks you. 

Don't let your resistance to cooking break your wallet, your health or your nerves. Here you will learn simple cooking tips to remove or reduce the stress cooking currently causes you.

I myself had a cooking block so it's easy for me to understand that not everyone loves to cook.  Cooking is a life skill that needs to be practiced in order to improve. 

If you avoided learning how to cook, or was never taught, take heart you can cook and enjoy it.  Will you cook like a professional chef?  Maybe not but if you practice and put in effort to learn simple cooking tips you will find it less stressful.

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Reasons People Avoid Cooking:

  • Lack of understanding cooking basics
  • Shortage of time
  • Lack of organization in the kitchen
  • Cooking is thought to be complicated
  • Lack of confidence (at least culinary confidence)

Here you will find basic cooking advice, so even a beginner can be a confident home chef.

Together Chef and I  will team up to guide you through the culinary process. We hope to show, that even though currently you might not have all the skills to cook, with a few cooking tips you can be a confident in the kitchen.  You can learn to cook.

Once you practice, cooking will get easier. Once you start practicing you will be surprised when dinner is quick, easy and stress free and the best part -

you made it.

Benefits to Cooking

  • Stress reduction. If you have basic culinary skills, then preparing a meal won't be so stressful.
  • Save money. Good restaurants aren't cheap.
  • Improve your health. Cheap restaurants aren't good for your health.
  • Strengthen the family. Making a meal and eating together are healthy for you and your family.

Things You will Learn.

Cooking doesn't have to be hard - it doesn't have to be complicated.

Preparing good quality food is a life skill that everyone should know (to some it might be like paying bills not fun but necessary. 

We want to inspire you break your cooking block by learning basic culinary skills and learn to cook with confidence.

By the time you have read and practiced our basic cooking  tips (here lies the key, practice), our goal is for you to no longer have a cooking block.

You have found a foundation, a neighborhood, a community of people who have come together to learn how to cook and finally enjoy cooking - at least a little.

Fervet olla, vivit amicitia

(While the pot boils, friendship endures.)

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